Sunday, 7 October 2018

Why Most Crypto Currencies Fail and why i believe in Evercoin to succeed

Over the Past decade of years we have seen the emergence of different Crypto currencies and projects but it seems most of the projects and currencies are fading away so fast with over 1000 of coins failing in only 2018 alone
below are some of the reasons why most of currencies or projects are loosing the relevance so fast:
1. Lack of a strong team: Most of the Crypto Projects fade way or loose their relevance in the market most probably because of poor team members or competent teams leading them.
2. lack of Innovation: Most of the Crypto Currencies also loose their relevance in the market due to lack of innovation in the idea of the project 
3. Lack of vision and Focus: Most of the Crypto Currencies that loose their relevance in the market lack the vision or consistency to drive and penetrate the crypto market and due to that it also contributes to the failure of the project
4. lack of strong Technological Infrastructure:  Technological infrastructure or platforms isone of the guaranteed ways  to success if you want to develop and sustain a crypto project. Most of the Blockchain entrepreneurs launch their projects in a haste or ill prepared and as a result of that they don’t get the opportunity to develop a strong technological infrastructure to support their projects.
5. Lack of Capital: Capital is one of the essencial resources that one needs to launch a crypto project. Most of the Crypto projects in the market launch their projects in anticipation that they will get funding along the journey to fully complete their projects and ones they don’t get to amass the capital they need along the journey they are likely to fail.
There is one coin that  has a future and a potential to help real world problems inclusion
This is Evercoin, Evercoin has a strong team of dedicated and highly qualified people, it also has innovative products that will bridge the financial gap between the Lower, middle and upper class people.
EveryCoin provides the financial services such as deposit, withdrawal, transfer, etc. for all currencies in the world by cooperation with TabiPay and Eco-Chains. And EveryCoin is used as the settlement currency of the Aaron Platform.
You can reach out to Evercoins team or Invest in Evercoin via the following addresses. 

Article By Ibrahim Mustapha
Africa's Number one Motivational Speaker